We carry Pilot and Aircraft supplies - aeronautical charts, aircraft oil, plexiglass cleaners and polish, books, flight training aids and tools, FAR/AIM, and much more. New FAR/AIM's are in stock.

We stock Cessna Pilot kits- Private, Instrument and Commercial. These programs include CD/DVD disks which lead you through the course. Highly recommended.


We offer the new Zaon Flight Systems XRX* portable collision avoidance system (pictured above right). Threat aircraft direction, relative altitude and trend is detected by this system. Stop by and check it out. This is a very cost effective unit. We are using it, you should be too. $1495 For more info Click Here

XRX uses all-new, highly specialized technology to sense and display traffic as accurately as many higher-priced, installed systems, but all from within an ultra-compact unit designed to sit on your glare shield. We have the system in our aircraft and highly recommend it.

Books by our fellow island flyers; Roy Franklin, Richard Drury, Gene and John Geyman, and Robert Tripp.

We can provide customized chart service. Never fly with out-of-date charts again.

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